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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Crappy Tire

I officially hate Canadian Tire.
Yes, this is a complain-post. You are warned.

Just thought I would share the letter I just finished writing to this illustrious Canadian institution, to reinforce my promise to NEVER recommend their services:

"We are completely unsatisfied with the "service" we received on Nov.21. I only booked with your store--even though it was more expensive--because I could make an appointment, instead of the walk-in service at your competitors. I couldn't afford to spend hours waiting for my tires. Oh, the irony!
I asked the woman I booked it through how long it would take, and she assured me that by making my appointment for 9am, it would definitely be ready by 11:30am, as it should only take an hour. I told her I needed to pick up my daughter from school and would have to go by that time. She told me she would make a note of it in my order, and that I should remind them when we arrived that morning. She also told me the tires for my car would be ordered promptly. My husband took the car in that morning, as was told they "might" have the tires we needed. Might? He was also told they were running late due to a mechanic not showing, but should be able to get our car done in time for him to pick up our daughter. (For the record, if you have that many vehicles to work on and less staff, you should call your customers and offer to rebook them instead of wasting their entire day. Apparently our time is of no value to your, only our money.)
At 11am, and again at 11:30, my husband asked and was told of them running even more behind. We had to arrange for someone at the last minute to pick up our 4-year-old from school and inconvenience our friend further to drop our daughter off to my husband. Past 4 HOURS of sitting around your service department, my husband was told the car should be done by 1:30pm, even though it was still sitting in the parking lot. After 2pm, my husband had the foresight to arrange for someone to now pick our son up from school, since his hope of our vehicle being ready in time for that had dwindled. We inconvenienced another friend to do that, and by this time I had been waiting at my job for a ride home for some time. After 3pm--over 6 HOURS after bringing in our vehicle--my husband and daughter left (and I'm sure it was great fun keeping a 4-year old occupied for more than half that time in the service department) but not before forking over almost $700 for our rims and tires. He wasn't even offered any sort of discount or compensation for his entire day being wasted by the incompetence and mismanagement of your team, not to mention the people we inconvenienced to pick up our children, and my time wasted waiting for a ride home after work.
A simple offer to rebook could have avoided this mess, but once it began, management should have offered a taxi service for my husband and daughter home, or at the very least some sort of compensation or discount for all the trouble we were caused. This sort of customer service is unacceptable and appalling considering the money spent and I can't imagine we will ever visit your store again, nor ever recommend your company to anyone we actually like."

I know nothing will likely come of my complaint, but I know I feel better just doing the complaining. Isn't that terrible?

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Procrastination Post #1

So here I am, quarter after eleven at night, trying to catch up on my NaNo word count...I'm too busy being distracted by my dirty house this weekend and I'm already behind! And then I'm online catching up on friends' blogs, and generally procrastinating, leading me here. 'Cause nothing makes more sense when you're procrastinating than to blog about the fact that you're procrastinating, right?