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Friday, April 17, 2015

Another Day

My goodness, I've neglected you! It's so easy to let the things we love to do fall by the wayside when there are so many things that we must do. But I promise, I'll try to be more frequent:)

So, at the end of last year, I downloaded a new app to help organize my books and to prevent buying duplicates. I quite love it, but it made me realize how enormous my collection of books that I haven't read yet is getting. I decided to tackle it logically, and am going through and reading the books I've kept but not read yet, alphabetically. This has forced me to dig in a read the ones I keep putting off. And it's been great! I'm currently on the third book of The Tears of Artamon series by Sarah Ash. Each are really well-done, detailed, epic, dragon fantasies, though my typical need for something new is kicking in, so I'll be happy to finish the 3rd and begin something different.

Incredible fan art by Trev Murphy
I'm super bummed out to be missing the Calgary Expo this year, as I just couldn't afford the expense (what with exploding cars, and such). I wasn't going to go see any celebrities, but I just love being able to walk around and see the art and meet the exhibitors, and see the cosplay. So sad:( Even more so since they announced last minute that Michonne is going to be there. THAT'S a celebrity I would spend my money meeting, dammit. Figures:(
At least I have friends going so they'll be keeping an eye out for me for new art from some of my favorite vendors.
That being said, I'm pretty excited to be taking the kids to EekFest
next month. This little con is family-friendly (and affordable!) and has devoted an entire hall to LEGO this year. My son is going to have an aneurysm when he sees that. Seriously.

Our puppy, Lennon<3
Well, I'm off to walk the dog. I have a rare day when I'm not working both jobs and actually have the time to walk him in daylight! Better get going before I get used to sitting down and doze off, lol.

Hope the day treats you well,